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    They Might Be Giants: Carl Baugh’s Hyperbaric Atmosphere

    They Might Be Giants: Carl Baugh’s Hyperbaric Atmosphere

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      Ancient Origins guest writer and expert Brady Yoon will return to discuss the research of Carl Baugh. Baugh is an independent researcher who has discovered a remarkable biological phenomenon: increasing the atmospheric pressure causes an organism to develop to a greater adult body size. Moreover, Baugh has demonstrated that this relationship between air pressure and adult body size holds not just for a single organism, but across species that are only distantly related. However, Baugh’s experiments, and the conclusions he drew from have largely been rejected by academia. In this webinar, Brady Yoon will present theories and the profound implications that Baugh’s research could have on our understanding of the ancient past. Perhaps, in due time, Baugh’s experiments will be regarded as one of the greatest biological experiments ever performed, on par with the experiments of Mendel and the discoveries of Darwin.

      Brady Yoon is a software engineer and writer who researches lost civilizations and other ancient mysteries in his spare time. He has presented his work at CPAK 2014 and with Ancient Origins Premium.

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