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    The Hopi Ceremonial Cycles and Stonehenge

    The Hopi Ceremonial Cycles and Stonehenge

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    Thomas Mills returns to continue his fascinating presentation on the Hopi with evidence of the links between the Hopi Creation Story and the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and then he moves on to the Ceremonial Cycles.

    North, South, East, and West have not always been located where they are today. There was an important reason why they have changed, what happened in the past, and what our ancestors wanted us to know about Earth’s delicate balance in space and our future at the present time.

    Has East always been East? If it was not, would ancient civilizations have left us clues where it was located in the past? Thomas uses his knowledge of the Ceremonial Cycles entrusted to him by the Hopi, to explain Stonehenge, the Pyramids, the Mayan Temples, and many other unexplained ancient sites located around the planet, to establish the timeline of their construction. He then uses this knowledge to find north and compares north to Charles Hapgood’s four North Pole locations in the past 100,000 years with amazing results—thus dating the sites and proving the Hopi Creation Story.

    In the early ‘70s Thomas O. Mills had just turned 21 and was forced to quit his job to move to the Hopi Cultural Center to help his mother manage the new center. Now, 50 years later he is sharing his vast knowledge of the Hopi via webinars, YouTube, and his two books. In his first book, The Book of Truth, A New Perspective On The Hopi Creation Story , he traces the Hopi story back to Egypt and puts new light on the murals, temples, and pyramids from that point of view, a view that rings true today. In his second book, Stonehenge, If This Was East , Mills uses his knowledge of the Hopi Ceremonial Cycles to find ancient east at a number of unexplained ancient sites around the world.