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    Lost Civilizations 2020 & the Enigmatic Göbekli Tepe (Recordings)

    Lost Civilizations 2020 & the Enigmatic Göbekli Tepe (Recordings)

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    The first Ancient Origins Conference took place in July 2020. We Live Streamed this conference with leading authors and researchers on ancient civilization and Göbekli Tepe. Extensive investigation and advanced research is resulting in profound findings about the nature of prehistoric humanity.

    Enjoy individual presentations and exciting, live panel discussions and debate on fascinating topics.

    Saturday July 18, 2020

    9am Jim Willis | Göbekli Tepe as a Manifestation of a Lost Civilization

    10am Dr. Martin Sweatman | Zodiacal Dating and Göbekli Tepe

    11am Freddy Silva | The Missing Gods & Their Lands

    12am Alistair Coombs | Göbekli Tepe and the Brother Gods

    1:15pm LIVE PANEL: Cosmology of Göbekli Tepe

    2:15pm Laird Scranton | Eras of Instruction: Göbekli Tepe Versus Skara Brae

    3:15pm Andrew Collins | Göbekli Tepe: The Legacy of the Denisovans

    Sunday July 19, 2020

    9am Edmund Marriage | Global Cataclysms and the Restart of Civilization

    10am Dr. Willem McLoud | Atlantis and Sumer: The Edfu Texts

    11am Graham Phillips | Wisdomkeepers of Stonehenge

    12am Dr. Fanie Vermaak | Çatalhöyük: An Ecological Perspective

    1:15pm LIVE PANEL: Evidence of Lost Civilization

    2:15pm Michael Hearns | Unlocking the Secret Scroll - Copper Scroll Tree of Knowledge

    3:15pm Marco Vigato | Pre-Columbian Transoceanic Contact

    4:15pm Robin Maxwell | Early Erthe – Meet the Gods