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    Heeding The Sun: Solar-Induced Dark Age Overdue

    Heeding The Sun: Solar-Induced Dark Age Overdue

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    Geologist and author Dr Robert Schoch examines scientific evidence of the catastrophe that destroyed an advanced civilization nearly 12,000 years ago. Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch makes the case that the abrupt end of the last Ice Age, circa 9700 BCE, was due to an agitated Sun. Solar outbursts unleashed electrical/plasma discharges upon Earth, triggering dramatic climate change as well as increased earthquake and volcanic activity, fires, high radiation levels, and massive floods. Schoch explains how these events impacted the civilizations of the time, set humanity back thousands of years, and led to six millennia of a Solar-Induced Dark Age (SIDA).

    Applying the SIDA framework to ancient history, he explores how many megalithic monuments, petroglyphs, indigenous traditions, and legends fall logically into place, including the underground cities of Cappadocia, the Easter Island rongorongo glyphs, and the Göbekli Tepe complex in Turkey. He also reveals that our Sun is a much more unstable star than previously believed, suggesting that history could repeat itself with a solar outburst powerful enough to devastate modern society.

    We interview Dr Robert Schoch on his new view of the origins and antiquity of civilization and the dynamics of the planet we live on. Dr Schoch maintains we must heed the megalithic warning of the past and collectively prepare for future events.