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    AO Magazine - July August 2022

    AO Magazine - July August 2022

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    Many people today couldn’t imagine what they’d do for entertainment if someone took away their smartphone, computer, TV, and videogames. But it is possible to have fun without these things – we just need to remember what our ancestors used to do!

    If you think about it, several forms of entertainment have been passed down through generations. While we may not be heading out to watch a gladiator battle anytime soon, we do still love to have parties, play and watch sports, and we go to the theater, opera, concerts, and zoos, just like our ancestors did before us. Many of us enjoy a good prank every once in a while too!

    In this issue we celebrate the fun and games of the past, touching on some of our own favorite pastimes such as board games (Backgammon’s been around a lot longer than you’d expect), card games (tarot wasn’t always for divination!), and parties (but no, we’ve never been to an authentic ancient Greek-style symposium). We also revel in the stories and hi-jinks of a couple of history’s lesser-known comedians.

    If you’re looking for some interesting stories to tell at your next get together, consider surprising your guests with the curious proposal that Atlantis may be hidden under Tunisian sands, and that the well-known character Jack the Giant Killer may actually be based on a real man – who was a Crusader!