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    Ancient Floods and Pole Shift

    Ancient Floods and Pole Shift

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    Ancient Origins guest writer Brad Yoon has written on the theory that the Caribbean Sea was once a dry basin, and might be connected to the ancient legends of flood myths. In this much-requested follow-up Ancient Origins Webinar, Brad delves deeper into how the prehistoric flooding of the Basin may have caused a planetary pole shift, and affected the last ice age —spurring myths, legends, and chronicles of ancient places beneath the sea.

    Perhaps we may find that the lost continent of Atlantis has been a part of our collective memory long before Plato, and is a story which has been passed down, generation by generation, over the millennia, in every culture.

    Brad Yoon is a software engineer and writer who researches lost civilizations and other ancient mysteries in his spare time. He has presented his work at CPAK 2014 and with Ancient Origins Premium.