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    17oz Mug

    Hatshepsut White 17oz Ceramic Mug

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    Product Information

    Experience the grandeur of ancient Egypt with every sip from this elegant Hatshepsut Ceramic Mug. Hatshepsut, celebrated as one of Egypt’s most powerful and pioneering female pharaohs, was known for her expansive trade initiatives and her vast array of construction projects and monuments. This mug serves as a tribute to her remarkable reign.

    Crafted from high-quality ceramic, this 17oz mug boasts a sleek, glossy white finish that enhances the vibrancy of its prints. Whether it’s your morning coffee, a comforting hot chocolate, or any other warm beverage, this mug ensures a regal experience. Designed for durability, the colors remain rich and lustrous even after repeated use in microwaves and dishwashers.

    - Premium 17oz white ceramic mug

    - Safe for use in both dishwasher and microwave

    - Independently tested for safety and durability by third-party laboratories

    Ideal for any occasion, the Hatshepsut mug is perfect for adding a touch of historical elegance to your daily routine.