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    Journey to Knighthood

    Journey to Knighthood

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    When you think of the Middle Ages, a knight in shining armor is probably amongst the first images that come to mind. Originally professional cavalry warriors, the role of knights evolved over time, eventually turning these men into symbols of chivalry and the protagonists of romantic stories. They were all heroes on the battlefield, noble, and courageous…right?

    Several of the popular perceptions of knights may be exaggerations – yes, there were even “bad” knights - but the reality of knighthood sometimes matches, or even exceeds, fictional stories.

    Read on to discover the fantastic tales of Sir Gawain and William Marshal and learn the truth about famous groups of knights such as the Templars, Hospitallers, and the Order of Santiago. You’ll find out about knights’ armor, codes of chivalry, and the journey to becoming a medieval knight. Along the way, we reveal the stories of mysterious medieval Black Knights that were symbols of neutrality and the legendary Knights of Blanik Mountain - who remain battle ready, should they be called upon during the darkest hour of their homeland.