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    The Tall Ones, Megaliths & Technology

    The Tall Ones, Megaliths & Technology

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    2000 years ago, the Adena mound builders initiated widespread earthwork construction, socio-economic exchange, and intense ritualism in the Ohio River Valley in the United States. The Adena people constructed artificial burial mounds of earth ranging from a few inches to 65 feet high, and megalithic sites including mysterious serpent mounds. There were also individuals among the Adena of extraordinary height and powerful builds. This presentation explores these and other fascinating topics relating to the Adena Culture.

    Join regular Ancient Origins contributor Jason Jarrell in his premier Expert Webinar, as he covers the fascinating history and enduring enigmas of the Adena Culture.

    Jason Jarrell is an investigative historian and avocational archaeologist studying many subjects including depth psychology, Biblical mysteries, political science, and comparative mythology. He has presented at conferences on ancient mysteries and has appeared on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens television series.

    Ages of the Giants by Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer, traces the ancient North American giants through 4000 years of prehistoric cultures utilizing archaeological data. Learn more at