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    The Mayan Calendar and the Yugas

    The Mayan Calendar and the Yugas

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    From ancient times we know of two calendrical systems that have been claimed to be able to predict the rise and fall of civilizations. One is from the West, the Mayan calendar system and another from the East, the Yuga system of India. The two systems are not identical but have significant points in common to the point where it must be asked whether they originally aimed to describe the same reality. This exclusive Ancient Origins Premium webinar with guest author Dr Carl Johan Calleman presents a background to the two systems, and establishes to what extent they actually describe the beginning and evolution of human civilization. Especially at our current time of a potential great shift in human civilization, knowledge about the factors governing the rise and fall of civilization may provide knowledge of critical importance for ourselves. Welcome to a discussion about the two most significant ancient systems aiming to describe this.

    Dr Carl Johan Calleman is the author of five books based on the Mayan calendar that have been translated to fifteen languages and his known as the main proponent of the idea that the Mayan calendar reflects the evolution of consciousness. He holds a Ph.D. in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm. He has also lectured about the Mayan Calendar in more than twenty countries.