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    Ancient Hi-Tech Uncovered Conference 2021 (Recordings)

    Ancient Hi-Tech Uncovered Conference 2021 (Recordings)

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    Ancient Origins Conferences

    The 3rd Ancient Origins Conference took place on the weekend of April 24-25, 2021. A team of leading authors, experts, and researchers will expose the secrets of lost and ancient technology from around the world.

    Enjoy individual presentations and exciting, live panel discussions on fascinating topics.

    • What exactly was the Antikythera Mechanism and how did it work?
    • Have we really unraveled the Dendera Bulb mystery?
    • Did the Denisovans give humanity a technological boost?
    • What evidence is there of flying machines in ancient cultures?
    • What energies do the Maya Pyramids focus?
    • Who were the ancient providers of technology?

    And many more…

    Enrich your knowledge and your mind!

    This conference will encourage deep thinking and enhance your critical thinking skills as presenters reveal the truth behind topics such as megalithic constructions, the technology created by the prehistoric people known as Denisovans, exploring fascinating ancient flying machines documented in the past, the technology pervading ancient myths, the mysterious Dendera Bulb image and what it could signify, and how the Maya pyramids and European stone circles are shown to harness the power of sound, electricity and magnetism.

    Andrew Collins

    Andrew Collins – ‘The Genesis of Technology: How the Denisovans Kickstarted Civilization’

    Andrew Collins is a history and science writer with more than a dozen books that challenge the way we see the past. Among them are Gobekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods, The Cygnus Key, Beneath the Pyramids and Denisovan Origins, co-authored with Greg L. Little. He is the co-discover of a massive cave system beneath the pyramids of Giza, now known as Collins’ Cave, and has been at the forefront of research into Gobekli Tepe for last 20 years. Andrew’s presentation discusses human technology as the legacy of the Denisovans and explores their inventions.

    Hugh Newman

    Hugh Newman – ‘Ancient High Technology of the Giant Megalith Builders’

    Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac, and author of Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia’s Sacred Sites and co-author of Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files with Jim Vieira, and is published in four Ancient Origins eBooks. He has been a regular guest on History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants and organizes the annual Megalithomania conferences and tours. At the conference, Hugh takes us on a worldwide tour examining evidence of high technology at megalithic sites, the similarities in style, and why the giants were said to have constructed them.

    Dr Ken Jeremiah

    Dr. Ken Jeremiah – ‘Ancient Technology of Mummification’

    Dr. Ken Jeremiah has written more than 10 books about mummification and other historical phenomena, including Living Buddhas, Christian Mummification, Eternal Remains, Remnants of a Distant Past, Creatures Real and Imaginary in Chinese and Japanese Art, and Making Millions: A 500-Year-Old Kabbalist’s Guide to Conquering Chance. He has appeared on numerous podcasts and television interviews, including the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and The UnXplained with William Shatner. Dr. Jeremiah will explain the practice of mummification from its earliest appearance and the technological advancements that have occurred in time and around the world, including the practice of self-mummification.

    Rita Louise

    Dr. Rita Louise – ‘Ancient Technology And The Mythic Record’

    Dr. Rita Louise is a bestselling author and the founder of the Institute of Applied Energetics and the former host of Just Energy Radio. She is a Naturopathic Physician, 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field, holds a Ph.D. in Natural Health Counseling, and is professor of Alternative Health Studies at Westbrook University. Her books include The Dysfunctional Dance Of The Empath And Narcissist, Stepping Out Of Eden, ET Chronicles: What Myth And Legend Have To Say About Human Origin, Avoiding The Cosmic 2X4, Dark Angels: An Insider’s Guide To Ghosts, Spirits & Attached Entities and The Power Within. In this conference Rita will delve into a number of accounts of advanced technology encountered in ancient myth.

    Benjamin Olshin

    Dr. Benjamin B Olshin - ‘Ancient Tales about Flying Machines’

    Dr. Benjamin B Olshin is a former Professor of Philosophy, the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, and Design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He is a Fulbright scholar with over a decade of experience in international consulting, research, education/training, and design work in the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Latin America. His latest book is Lost Knowledge: The Concept of Vanished Technologies and Other Human Histories. Dr. Olshin’s presentation examines a variety of tales about flight and flying machines which appear in a wide range of ancient cultures.

    Clarbruno Vedruccio

    Dr. Clarbruno Vedruccio– ‘The Dendera Files’

    Dr. Clarbruno Vedruccio completed his studies in the USA and earned a degree in Physics and his PhD in Electronic Engineering. He was a Commander in the Italian Navy and is an expert in electromagnetic fields. He patented more than 11 inventions in the field of military tactical telecommunications including a device to diagnose cancer. Dr. Vedruccio will discuss the Dendera Lamps as the forerunners for the electrical gas discharge tubes, as well as X-rays.

    Cliff Dunning

    Cliff Dunning - ‘Maya Pyramid Science’

    Cliff Dunning is an archaeo-investigator, author, and host of the popular History podcast, Earth Ancients. A former Program Director for The Learning Annex, Whole Life Expo, and numerous national conferences, Cliff developed a keen awareness for provocative subjects on our planet’s known and unknown civilizations, and the thousands of anomalous archeological discoveries which are not covered by conventional science and the media. He’s the author of the soon to be released Black Knight Satellite and a regular contributor to Earth Ancients blog. In this conference Cliff will delve into the mysteries of the sudden appearance of the scientifically advanced civilization of the Maya.

    Dr Magdalini Anastasiou

    Dr. Magdalini Anastasiou – ‘The Antikythera Mechanism’

    Dr. Magdalini Anastasiou studied History and Archaeology, Computational Physics, and Astronomy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She began studying the Antikythera Mechanism in 2008 and has given several lectures and has many publications on the topic. She is currently preparing a new book on the Antikythera Mechanism, The Antikythera Mechanism: Astronomy and Technology in Ancient Greece, which will come out in Greek this spring and in English later this summer. Dr. Anastasiou will present the exceptional ancient engineering and technology of the Antikythera Mechanism, demonstrating how no one would ever believe that such a genius machine could have been built ca. 150–100 BC, if it had not been preserved.