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    Secret Places of Ancient Shamans in the Americas

    Secret Places of Ancient Shamans in the Americas

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      Join author and researcher Paul Devereux in a journey across many parts of the Ancient Americas that he has studied. In this AO Premium Talk to an Expert Chat, Paul will show us mysterious landscape markings and features (some rarely photographed previously) left by ancient Native American shamans. We will see highly secret and very mysterious features in the wilderness of Death Valley, strange boulder patterns (“petroforms”) in Manitoba that are still venerated by First Nations people, giant ground effigies (“geoglyphs”) on an ancient Yuman Indian pilgrimage trail in the Colorado River Valley, old Native American vision quest sites, 300ft-long earthen effigies of Plains Indian shamans, mystery ‘roads’ and curious desert lines left by long-ago shamans and ritualists, and more.

      These features raise many questions (and you may ask them!) and Paul will say what is currently known about them.

      Paul Devereux BA, FRSA, is one of the pioneers of what used to be called ‘earth mysteries’, a field that later morphed into ‘ancient mysteries’ and other terminology, having worked in the subject area for over four decades. Paul has authored 27 books and has written many dozens of articles for both popular and academic publications. His main areas of research interest and involvement include multi-perspective studies of ancient sacred places and landscapes, the exploration of sound at archaeological sites (‘archaeoacoustics’), unexplained aerial phenomena (which he terms ‘earth lights’), the use of altered mind states by ancient peoples, along with general consciousness studies (including a major program of dreamwork at ancient sites).

      Paul Devereux is author of Mysterious Ancient America - an investigation into the enigmas of Americas pre-history

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