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    Mystic Megaliths of Malta

    Mystic Megaliths of Malta

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      Powerful, mysterious temples, both above and below ground, are scattered across the two main islands of this Malta.

      Author Elyn Aviva wrote Powerful Places in Malta — a Broader Perspective to explore the numerous theories, hypotheses, conflicts, and controversies that swirl around these ancient sites, providing insight into the disparate explanations and contradictory assertions, ranging from archaeological discoveries to historical reconstructions to channeled information.

      Was Malta really first settled 8,000 years ago by farmers from Sicily?

      Did these farmers suddenly start to build unique, massive limestone temples—without precedent and unlike anything found elsewhere in the world—around 6000 years ago?

      Why did they build so many? Surveys indicate some 66 megalithic temples existed on the relatively small islands of Malta and Gozo.

      What is the relationship between the Maltese temples and the sun, moon, and stars?

      Based on “obese” statues and the interior layout of the temples, some people believe Malta was the site of a Mother Goddess cult. But are the large-bottomed, kilted statues (often headless) always female, and are the temples proof of a Goddess cult?

      Some archaeologists state that Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground construction that resembles an above-ground temple, was a huge cemetery into which some 7,000 (decomposing) bodies were deposited. But was it?

      Numerous limestone plateaus are covered with networks of enigmatic cart-ruts that run parallel, overlap, do “U-turns,” and even go down the sides of cliffs and under the water. How old are they and what were they used for?

      Dr. Elyn Aviva is a writer, transformational traveler, and fiber artist. She is fascinated by journeys of quest and self-discovery, both interior and exterior. Her academic credentials include a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology (topic: the modern-day pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela) and a Master’s of Divinity. She has taught comparative religion courses, trained as a labyrinth facilitator, and is an Active Dreaming leader. Her fascination with earth energies led her to study dowsing, sacred geometry, and geomancy. For many years, Elyn has delved deeply into Kabbalah and the Western Mystery traditions, which have had a significant influence on her work.

      Elyn’s most recent novel is The Question – A Magical Fable, a mystical tale about a sage, a seer, and a seeker. She has written a number of books and novels on pilgrimage, quest, and earth mysteries, as well as co-authoring (with her husband) the series Powerful Places Guidebooks. These guidebooks help people experience the transformative energies at sacred sites.

      Born and raised in the American Midwest, Elyn has lived for the last 10 years in Spain.

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