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    Mysterious Depths: Ancient Underworlds

    Mysterious Depths: Ancient Underworlds

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      Ancient Origins guest writer Brad Yoon has written on the theory that the Caribbean Sea was once a dry basin, and might be connected to the ancient legends of floods and myths. In this webinar, he connects the dots on the ancient places beyond—underworlds of the living and the dead, such as the Greek Hades, Tartarus, Oceanus, the Mayan Xibalba, and Egyptian Duat.

      He raises the possibility of a large expanse of land situated below sea level—not a land below our feet, but a land so conspicuously lower than other lands that it came to be singled out and designated as an “underworld”. Did a dry Caribbean Basin exist in prehistory? Was a catastrophe to change the land of the living into an abode of the dead? Could it be the underworlds that these various cultures across the world speak of are not fictional but are a single real place that existed in the remote past?

      Brad Yoon studies the myths of the underworld, compares and contrasts them, to get a clear picture of what this ancient land was like, where it was, how it was created, how it was destroyed, and why we can't see it anymore.

      Perhaps we may find that the lost continent of Atlantis has been a part of our collective memory long before Plato, and is a story which has been passed down, generation by generation, over the millennia, in every culture.

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